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Another great catch while

fly fishing in Montana!

Montana is known for some of the best fly fishing in the world and we're right in the center of fly fishing paradise. Imagine being surrounded by five famous Montana fly fishing trout streams, all with different fly action. We have a beautiful fishing lodge you can relax in, experienced fishing guides at your disposal — everything you need for a great fly fishing vacation.

All our surrounding fly fishing rivers fish very well in early and late spring with very little pressure in any of the rivers. These are our favorite fly fishing streams:

Ruby River—awesome dry fly action

Madison River—best float fishing

Big Hole River—stonefly hatch season is great

Beaverhead River—large brown trout

Lower Ruby River—best wade fishing

The Big Hole River and Beaverhead River have limited fly fishing guides. The prestigious Ruby River flows right through our fishing lodge property giving you private access. The Clark Canyon Reservoir and numerous mountain lakes and spring creeks are also nearby offering even more fly fishing action.

Our fly fishing guides will

make sure you're successful.

Montana Fly Fishing Guides

Our fly fishing guides are very experienced Montana natives who have been fly fishing on the water for many years. When they are not guiding, they are fly fishing. They are very knowledgable about the entymology, the water, and the fish. Guided wade or float fly fishing is available on lakes, streams, or ponds. If you are new to fly fishing, sign up for a fly fishing instruction session with one of our Montana fishing guides. Choose from one of the fly fishing packages below or contact our Montana fly fishing guides to create your own Montana fly fishing vacation package.

Our Montana fishing lodge

is near this beautiful pond.

Montana Fishing Lodge

Spend a wonderful fly fishing vacation while staying at our beautiful Montana fishing lodge. We offer comfortable rooms, home-cooked meals, hot tub, satellite TV, and more! Relax on the front porch and enjoy a beautiful view of the Ruby Valley. When you're ready to go fly fishing, the Ruby River is within easy distance of our fishing lodge.

We have a fly fishing tackle shop at the lodge to keep you supplied with all your fly fishing needs—it even includes an area for tying flies. We also rent fly fishing equipment such as waders, boots, fly fishing rods, float tubes, rafts, pontoon boats, etc.

Guided Fly Fishing Packages for Montana:

2 Rivers Fly Fishing Package

3 Rivers Fly Fishing Package

4 Rivers Fly Fishing Package

Premier Fly Fishing Package

Plus… Day Fly Fishing with Montana Fishing Guides

Fly fishing for rainbow trout.

Montana Fly Fishing Vacations

For a truly relaxing fly fishing vacation, you can stay at our Montana fishing lodge and fish at your leisure without a fly fishing guide. You can enjoy private access for fly fishing on the Ruby River which runs through our property a short distance from our lodge. We also have a private pond stocked with 100 rainbow trout which is a great place for novices to learn fly fishing from one of our Montana fishing guides.

If you want to bring along the whole family, we offer the perfect family vacation. Fishing is only one part of picture. We also offer horseback riding, hiking, river swimming, scenic rides, wildlife viewing, and late night campfires. These activities are included in our unguided fly fishing packages. (That's right, there's no extra charge!) We don’t maintain a set schedule for you to follow so that you can enjoy your family vacation or fly fishing as you wish.

Proud fly fisherman shows

off his catch to our guides.

Unguided Fly Fishing Packages for Montana:

Relaxing Fly Fishing Vacation (3 days)

Extended Fly Fishing Vacation (6 days)

Choose from one of the fly fishing packages above or contact our fly fishing guides for creating your own Montana fly fishing vacation package.

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